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Hachi Convention Center

Omotesando office is ment to be more than an office, As for a high end brand like Kering quality, Design and Culture are essential. Therefore we decided to Gift the Tokyo team a new home, a Tokyo home or BESOU for high end brand like kering. every space is ment to give full access to common areas with maximum light using natural mild colors and materials. MEET WOOD as the main concept natural materials with low CO2 foot print have been used and art corners dedicated to women artists have been designed within the space. All furniture are sustainable materials no leather used and 7th floor consist of a roof garden with flowers to increase bee communities and even japanese plum tree, this floor includes nest like lounge area.

Client/Design Firm

Tokyo City/Yamashita Sekkei


Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

30,000㎡ (7th floor), 2500㎡ (Hall)


CIVIC, MIXED-USE, Healthcare

Usage Type

To be Completed, 2022

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